Finder Relay

High efficiency and built-in thermal protection

Swich mode power supply 78 Series

Easily Replaceable input fuse

rated voltage of 12 V and 24 V DC, and power ratings from 12 W to 60 W

Spring terminal for faster wiring and better clamping

With time saving Push-in technology

فیندر بدن سیم



faster wiring

فیندر بدن سیم

Dual-purpose plastic separator

1.8 mm or 6.2 mm separation
separator of 2 different groups of interface relays
using the standard jumper link
necessary for the protective separation

فیندر بدن سیم

Terminal Doubler

Fits all sockets
with 39 Series

فیندر بدن سیم

Series 4C

Type 4C.P1: 1 CO 10 A 250 V AC1

Type 4C.P2: 2 CO 8 A 250 V AC1

فیندر بدن سیم

Series 48

Type 48.P3: 1 CO 10 A 250 V AC1
Type 48.P5: 2 CO 8 A 250 V AC1
Type 48.P6: 1 CO 16 A 250 V AC1
Type 48.P8: 2 CO 10 A 250 V AC1

فیندر بدن سیم

Series 58

Type 58.P3: 3 CO 10 A 250 V AC1
Type 58.P4: 4 CO 7 A 250 V AC1


a simple, flexible and complete solution

  • KNX motion detector for corridors type 18.4K.9.030.0000
  • KNX presence and movement detector type 18.5K.9.030.0000
  • KNX actuator type 19.6K.9.030.4300
  • KNX universal dimmer type 15.2K.8.230.0400
  • KNX power supply type 78.2K.1.230.3000


two totally independent programmable channels, in a single product